Top Sellers of the Scales are: Astral Scale and Mystic Scale

For any special requests please add it to the Additional
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Each Drum is Made to Order and takes 4-6 weeks to receive.

““`Due to the nature of the restrictions for Russia receiving payments. There will be a longer processing time of an additional 1-2 weeks potentially and an increase in pricing of the drums. Apologies.“““

!!!IMPORTANT!!! Newest Update: March 22, 2017 All drums will have Round Tongues. No More Rectangle Tongues on 9″ or 12″ Drums.

!!!IMPORTANT!!! Newest pdate March 3 2018, The 9 Inch drums no longer come with 10 keys or tongues instead they come with 8 keys, This is due to sound quality. As we want to ensure every customer has excellent sound quality. Please take note of this change!

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