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October 4, 2016
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October 6, 2016

The Water Magister Tank Drum


The Water Magister Tank Drum


This is a tank drum designed by The Water Magister Alchemy( It features the following:

  1. The Sigil of Remembrance is at the center of the Tank drum inside the Metatrons Cube. When played it opens the Metatrons cube.
    What is a Sigil? It is a symbol that is given energy every time someone looks at it. When you see this sigil it will activate you and your DNA to remembrance of who you are before you chose your physical body. It will begin to unlock the version of your self that has no limitations and has no fears little by little. The Water Magister is now using alchemy to combine tone with sigil magick. So when you hear this drum it will utilize the sigil to penetrate the hearing of all those around to ignite that inner fire within them.
  2. 12″ Drum with Rounded Tongues
  3. Astral Scale
  4. Annealing to make the drum look a blue color like water.
  5. A pair of mallets is included.
  6. 10 Tones / ScalesThis tone/scale can be changed to any of the ones below as well

Which can be listened to here:

Astral –

1. Golden Gate –
2. Akebono –
3. D-minor pentatonic –
4. Silent –
5. Pygmy –
6. Insomnia –
7. F# major –


Price does include shipping to the U.S.
Please allow 4-6 weeks to create the drum and for shipping.


Additional information
Scale / Tones

Golden Gate, Akebono, D-Minor Pentatonic, Silent, Astral, Pygmy, Insomnia, F# Major

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