13’7 Inch Tank Drum Engraved
November 27, 2019
Tank Drum W/ Celtic Tree
January 30, 2020

Double Sided Tank Drum – Special Editions 13.7 Drum


This is an engraved 13.7″ Double Sided Tank Drum.

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This is an engraved Tank Drum with round tongues. It features the following:

  1. 13.7″ Double Sided Tank Drum
  2. A pair of mallets is included.
  3. 10 Tones / Scales This tone/scale can be changed to any of the ones below as well
  4. Annealed(Purple-Blue Color) or Bluing(Golden Colors) you can choose the style.

In the order details please let us know which design you would like to have on either side.
If this is a custom order design additional fees may be included.


You have 3 combinations to choose from.

Which can be listened to here:

1. Exit (B-minor + E-minor):

2. North (Mystic C-minor + A-major pentatonic):

3. Unicorn (Akebono F#-minor + A major pentatonic):


Price does include shipping to the U.S.
Please allow 4-6 weeks to create the drum and for shipping.


Additional information

Annealed(Purple-Blue), Bluing(Golden Colors)

Drum Size

13’7 Inches

Scale / Tones 12"

Exit (B-minor + E-minor), North (Mystic C-minor + A-major pentatonic), Unicorn (Akebono F#-minor + A major pentatonic)

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