Our Features

High Quality Steel Drums

Superior Sound Quality

Personally Tested Sound

Variety of many different tones and scales to choose from.

Custom Engravings

Send us your own personal Image to engrave onto the drum.

By sending us an image we can make your drum a very special gift for the Holidays.

Many Colorization

Choose from a variety of colorizing s.

By use of the Annealing process we can get beautifully colored drums in purple-blue color. BY utilizing the Bluing method we can get excellent golden colors.

Different Style of Scale Cuts

We have rounded Tongues or Rectangle tongues for the scales.

The style of the tongues can be changed on each drum to customize to your own uniqueness!

Want to schedule a private sound healing before you buy?

You can schedule a sound healing session to hear the quality of the drums personally. Each session is $75. For more info please contact 786-325-5362 to schedule one today!

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