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October 4, 2016
Double Sided Tank Drum – Special Editions
October 3, 2018

Tank Drum W/ Horoscope


This is an engraved Tank Drum with the Horoscope Design you see.

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This is an engraved Tank Drum with the Horoscope Design you see but with round tongues. It features the following:

  1. 9″ or 12″ Tank Drum Price Varies
  2. A pair of mallets is included.
  3. 10 Tones / Scales This tone/scale can be changed to any of the ones below as well
  4. Annealed(Purple-Blue Color) or Bluing(Golden Colors) you can choose the style.


Which can be listened to here:

1. Golden Gate –
2. Akebono –
3. D-minor pentatonic –
4. Silent –
5. Astral –
6. Pygmy –
7. Insomnia –
8. F# major –


Price does include shipping to the U.S.
Please allow 4-6 weeks to create the drum and for shipping.


Additional information

Annealed(Purple-Blue), Bluing(Golden Colors)

Drum Size

12″, 9″

Scale / Tones 12"

Akebono, Astral, D-Minor Pentatonic, F# Major, Golden Gate, Insomnia, Mystic, Pygmy, Silent

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